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Dirty air ducts are the most common cause of cough and allergies. Are you sneezing all day? Our trained professionals can provide air duct cleaning in Hurst, TX, removing all the allergens and health hazards.

Are you facing the problem of stubborn dirt and soil on your carpet? Your carpet’s color may have faded due to the direct exposure to sunlight, but it is not a big problem for our experienced cleaners to make it look new again.

In a wide range of harmful situations, you will require the help of a professional restoration team. At Ace Carpet Cleaning, we provide damage restoration services in Hurst, TX, in emergencies and obvious disasters.

Natural stone can be cleaned, polished, or diamond grinded.  Cleaning the stone will remove all dirt, oil, and soil from the stone and grout

Whether you own a sleek office or a cozy home, the tile and grout need to be cleaned professionally with love and care frequently.

When the carpet is first installed it usually looks great.  But over time buckles or wrinkles can start to show up.  You might wonder what causes this. 

Unfortunately there is probably as much confusion in the carpet cleaning industry about carpet protectors as there is about cleaning. 

When cleaning urine spots, there is a difference between cleaning the urine soiling and treating for odor. Cleaning existing urine spots MAY NOT remove any associated odor.