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How Often Should You Clean Carpets?

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How often should you clean carpets? You’re in the right place if you’re wondering how often you should clean your carpets. Carpets are a popular flooring option in many homes and offices, but they can also trap dirt, dust, and allergens over time.

This buildup can impact your home’s air quality and even your health. So, knowing how often you should clean your carpets is essential to maintain a clean and healthy living space. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors that influence how often you should clean your carpets. 

What is the difference between vacuuming and professionally cleaning? 

Vacuuming is essential to keeping your carpets and floors clean, yet it can leave behind fine dust and dirt that may wear down their surfaces over time. Professionally cleaning your carpets, on the other hand, removes any dirt and dust trapped below the surface and deep cleans each fiber to restore its original color and texture.

The process of professional cleaning also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria in your home environment. If you want to ensure that your carpets are looking, feeling, and smelling their best, then professional cleaning is definitely a must! Our company has won many awards on Home Advisor for the exemplary carpet cleaning we provide. Check out our carpet cleaning service page for more information.

vacuum carpets regularly
Clean, gray carpets.

How often should I vacuum my carpet? 

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is an essential part of keeping an inviting home. Depending on your lifestyle, the frequency of vacuuming needed can vary. Generally, once a week is a good starting point to ensure dirt particles and debris don’t settle too deeply into the carpet fibers. 

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has published a pdf that is titled, “Carpet Care: Cleaning and Stain Removal.”

How often should my carpets be professionally cleaned? 

Regular professional carpet cleaning can make all the difference in keeping your carpets looking their best. Depending on the amount of foot traffic, carpets should be cleaned every six to twelve months for optimal freshness. With regular treatments, carpets can look like new for years at a time! 

Factors to consider

When deciding how often to have your carpets professionally cleaned, there are a few factors you may want to consider, as given below:

Color: Darker carpets absorb more dirt and grime, requiring more frequent cleaning.

Allergies: If you have allergies or sensitivities, as well as young children or pets in the home, then having your carpets professionally cleaned more often can help reduce allergens in the air. Do you get a lot of seasonal allergies? Many people living in North Texas experience seasonal allergies. Our company provides an air duct cleaning service which really helps you breathe easier and cough less. 

Pets: Pets often track in dirt and mud, leaving your carpets looking dingy in no time. If you’re a pet owner, investing in frequent professional cleaning services may be the best option for keeping your carpets clean and fresh. We offer a special service for removing pet odors and stains. Our pet odor and stain removal service page provides more details about this service. 

Children: Active children can leave their mark on carpets through accidental spills and general wear-and-tear. Having your carpets professionally cleaned more frequently is the best way to ensure they keep their original color and texture despite daily wear and tear.

What happens if you don’t clean your carpets? 

If you are someone who neglects to clean their carpets, you may find yourself dealing with a variety of potentially serious issues. Without regular cleaning and proper maintenance, dirt, dust, and particles can accumulate over time and begin to cause health problems like allergies or asthma. 

Carpets also act as magnets for pet hair, stains, debris, and everyday wear and tear – all of which can diminish their appearance if left uncleaned. Not only will this make your carpets look dingy and give off unpleasant odors that affect air quality, but it can also lead to expensive repairs or replacements in the long run – highlighting the importance of making sure your carpets get the care they need!

Check out some general carpet cleaning suggestions from the University of Illinois Extension.

Final Words

professionally cleaned carpets
Professionally cleaned carpeted stairs.

Keeping carpets and floors clean is essential for maintaining a comfortable and inviting home. Vacuuming every week is important, but having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months will ensure that they look, smell, and feel their best.


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